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I first learned about the Eh Bee Family’s shenanigans through Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE). The family really knows how to grab your attention: bratty children’s skits, pranks, annoying gestures, and shamelessly mocking urban culture. At first sight, I almost wrote the family off as being a devious group of two adults exploiting their children for profit. To my surprise, parents of FBE had a different reaction. I wondered why. My curiosity led me to their channel where I was also placed me under their spell. I now appreciate this family…especially the parents.
Once they turn off their acting button, it’s clear as day that the Eh Bee Family portrays the ideal family. They are a family who travels together, sings together, laughs together, but most importantly, they grow together.
The video above titled “Jamaican Christmas Trip” shows how their hard work leads them to this beautiful island paradise. You can witness how the family is relaxed while enjoying the various fun festivities in their new environment. The children are very talented and well spoken even when on vacation. This is the result of the diligent parenting of “Momma Bee” and “Papa Bee.”
In their questions and answers video, the parents said they do not want more children because they understand how much time and energy is demanded when raising healthy, happy children. They go more into depth about this truth when the question is asked: do the children fight? They highlight the good times of being in a family, but they also acknowledge its challenges. They offer a real and obtainable image of being successful parents.
My favorite video is called “Lunchables vs. Real Food.”  In this video “Mama Bee” talks about feeding her children healthy meals. She emphasizes how processed lunches are more expensive than preparing homemade lunches. This is so true. I was raised in a household where my mom relied on fast food for dinner during the busy weekdays, so let’s do some quick math:
cheeseburger = $1.00
fries= $1.39
small soft drink = $1.00
apple pie = $0.99
total = $4.38
5 days a week = $21.90
health meter: no nutritional value
10 tomatoes = $5.39
onion = $1.57
garlic = $0.96
pasta at Trader Joe’s = $1.99
olive oil at Trader Joe’s = $4.99
total = $14.90
5 days a week = $14.90
health meter: very high in nutrients
Watch “Mama Bee” do the math as she shows you how to prepare an affordable healthy meal.
She concludes that processed food is for lazy people, which is true. ‘
Long story short, I love this family. I want a family of my own like the Eh Bee Family. My hope is “Mama Bee” and “Papa Bee” create their own channel with more motivational content for the mature viewers.


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I’ve been inspired to transfer my critiquing skills into the world of cinema…well kind of. The time has come for me to create my own video reviews.

I already have a You Tube channel. I already have a topic. I already have a script. I just need some good audio equipment.

Okay! May be “decent” is a better word than “good.” I’ve been shopping around lately, and I decided to go the cheap route. I’m going to buy a decent PC headset for my videos, so expect an fun, yet informative video by January 2, 2010.

Update August 2011 –

I already have video reviews of the following stories below. However, let me give you a label for each video.

Informative, Step-by-Step Approach – These videos gives a structure layout of dissecting the story’s layers to draw out the overall meaning.

Gutsy Ranting Reactions – These videos are just my reactions and accusations to certain popular films.

1. Little Red Riding Hood – Informative Style
2. Beauty and the Beast – Ranting Style
3. Shrek 2 part 1  – Ranting Style
4. Shrek 2 part 2  – Ranting Style
5. La Belle et la Beast – Informative Style
6. Morning Musume  – Ranting Style
7. Pinocchio part 1 – Informative Style

Currently, I am working on Part 2 of my Pinocchio project, but a fellow viewer brought something to my attention. She/he asked me why don’t I create my own fairytale. This was an excellent question, so I may postpone the Pinocchio project to generate an original story. I’m excited.


Update January 2012

I’ve added a review of Nightmare Before Christmas, but the audio is shaking. I am now hunting for another PC headset for voice recording.

Now I was debating whether or not to take down the Ranting videos from my Youtube Page, but they do attract a lot of viewers. My hope is that these viewers stick around and give my academic videos a chance. I mentioned above that I was working on part 2 of my Pinocchio analysis. This project has been postpone. It’s just not popular even though it’s my favorite video. Therefore, I am going to work on another analysis of a well known movie.

Have a Happy New Year!!!


Update March 2012

After completing my Cinderella and Peter Pan review, I realized huge changes need to be made to my blog and Youtube channel. I want to focus on creative, spiritual, and physical growth, which means more articles on health and new projects like learning a musical instrument. Also I’ve been in the kitchen more lately, so I think it’s time to share some of my Queen of Quick Eats recipes.

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