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Reflections: After posting this topic on a form (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=45335), I was able to collect popular movie selections for my article on the subject matter. I finished the assignment feeling empowered, yet it was brought to my attention that the article is TOO movie focused. After all, the site is established to serve people. This is a great lesson on getting a second opinion and incorporating an editor’s suggestions before public viewing.

The better article will be posted soon. However, may be you all will get a kick out of the original copy. Here goes!

Movie Night Extravaganza

Everyone loves movies! The best way to become a family with your fellow roommates is to establish Friday’s movie night. Now let’s explore the possibilities.

Action Adventure

Are you in the mood for a thrill ride of high energy events?  Action Adventure is always captivates viewers with an exciting journey. You can witness a world that involves chaotic police chases, powerful super heroes, suave secret agents, and unbelievable robotics. There is never a dull moment, which makes this genre the most fun in group setting.

Movie Suggestions: Indiana Jones, Transformers, Kill Bill, Die Hard, The Avengers, Inception, Hunger Games, Mission Impossible, Casino Royale, Reel Steal, X Men, The Dark Night, V for Vendetta

Children and Family

You don’t have to hide it. Even as adults, we still love magical movies that appeal to our child selves. Children and Family remind us of crucial life lessons dealing with character. For example, many Disney and Pixar films feature protagonists who are down on their luck yet evolve to reach their fullest potential. Also the whimsical atmosphere, innocent humor, and the moralistic story make this genre a great time for all ages.

Movie Suggestions:   Anything Disney, Anything Pixar, Anything Dreamworks, Miyazaki films, The Goonies, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Muppet Movie, Big, Coraline, Matilda


Who doesn’t love to laugh? From witty dialogue to slipping on a banana, Comedy supplies a great amount of fresh ideas to tickle your funny bone. If you are ever feeling down, then this genre will easily return you to a positive state of mind.

Movie Suggestions: Shaun of the Dead, Anything Adam Sandler, Date Night, Rush Hour, Forrest Gump, Get Smart, Tropic Thunder, Blades of Glory, Blazing Saddles, Jump 21 Street


Sometimes life throws us lemons, and we have a choice to eat raw pulp or create sweet lemonade. Drama explores the very real emotions that are attached to this game called life. We have loneliness, we have loss, we have debt, we have depression, we have negative influences, and we have failure. This genre reveals the fact that we can hide in darkness or conquer it with light.

Movie Suggestions: A Few Good Men, Eyes Wide Shut, Slumdog Millionaire, American Beauty, Black Swan, August Rush, Amadeus, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Walk the Line

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction will take you to a world unlike any other. The genre will break through boundaries of technology and human understanding. Here you will get a delicious taste of fast pace action while questioning your own reality. What will the future be like? Are there other worlds beyond our imaginations? What is magic? Is folklore a reflection of a forgotten past? Open your mind to the possibilities.

Movie Suggestions: Star Wars, Terminator, District 9, Avatar, Serenity, Star Trek, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pan’s Labyrinth, Super 8

Horror and Thriller

Can you face your fears? Horror was born from the uncertainty developed from fear. You will witness demons, monsters, ghost, gore, and other unspeakable things that we want to erase from our memories. This genre can mess with your mind, so it’s wise to watch these films with as many people as possible.

Movie Suggestions: The Ring, Psycho, Sinister, Paranormal Activity, Exorcist, Carrie, Scream, The Shining, Orphan, Saw, Blair Witch Project, Shutter Island, Panic Room, 28 Days Later, Nightmare on Elms Street


I must admit. I am not too familiar with this genre. They don’t call it “Independent” for nothing. Of course, there are some titles that a good number of people are aware of. Independent films usual have a documentary feel to them. It almost feels as if the films are a reflection of your life. Weird!

Movie Suggestions: Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Magic of Belle Isle, The Savages, Arranged, Donnie Darko, Lost in Translation, Pulp Fiction, Clerks


I LOVE Romance. Here you will explore the awkward stages of finding your significant other. Each moment forms a stronger bond between the love birds. This genre only makes you fantasize about meeting your ideal match. Hugging, kissing, laughing, and loving between two destined souls. Here love always seems so beautiful. Sometimes it can be quite funny.

Movie Suggestions: Titanic, Ghost, The Princess Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, You’ve Got Mail, 500 Days of Summer, The Proposal, The Notebook

Come on now. Don’t be shy. What is your favorite genre? Let’s go even further. List your top three favorite films from each genre. Once the results are posted, I believe we will see that we all have more in common than we think.

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Note: I had to tutor a group of students on this topic, so I figure I’d add it to my blog for others to either learn from or add insight to my lecture.

When writing a five paragraph essay, first you have to observe the prompt (or the question). You must understand what the teacher is asking of you as well as understand how you want to respond to the teacher’s request.  For some people, after they complete this step, they can jump straight into writing. However for everyone else, we need to jot down our thoughts and follow the simple formula in order to proceed.

The Formula

As I mentioned in my previous blog, every basic five paragraph essay has a topic, thesis, introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. So then the formula reflects the list below:

1. Introduction: opener with a thesis statement
2. Body 1: one piece of evidence that supports the thesis. Then analyze.
3. Body 2: second piece of evidence that supports the thesis.  Then analyze.
4. Body 3: third piece of evidence that supports the thesis. Then analyze.
5. Conclusion: reiteration tying everything together

Each number in this formula represents a paragraph that is necessary to complete a basic essay. But it is not best to start off writing with this formula because it limits your thinking. It is best to start off with writing everything you can think of through brainstorming, and then use the formula to structure your thoughts.  After you finish brainstorming, it is time to select the focus of the topic (or thesis) to create an introduction.


The essay prompt usually consist of questions. In order to create a topic for your paper, you need to answer the question. Some students think the answer is the thesis, but that’s is not the case. A thesis has to have a claim. A thesis is a debatable statement that demands literary persuasion in order to enhance the reader’s understanding of your side the argument.  But to simplify this statement for first-time writers, a thesis is a sentence that involves a subject, an opinion, and a claim. Now that you have a thesis, the rest of the writing process should be simple, including the intro paragraph.

The intro paragraph is the most important because it gives the reader a taste of your writing capabilities, and it allows the reader to see if your essay is interesting or dry. To avoid writing a dry essay, an intro must consist of a strong or unique opening. One way to tell if your writing is strong is to judge for yourself. Read your first sentence out loud to yourself, and if you are proud of what you wrote, then that is a strong opening.

Some opening suggestions:

  1. Question
  2. Interesting quote
  3. Anecdote
  4. Bold statement
  5. Interesting facts

The thesis usually comes at the end of the first paragraph, so let’s keep it there for the sake of learning. Therefore, the sentences located between the opening and the thesis should connect them together.

Body Paragraphs

This is where most students lose their way. There needs to be three decent sized paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion in order to complete a five paragraph essay.  To create these paragraphs, the writer must have a topic sentence. This tells the reader what you are going to talk about in that paragraph, which will consist of evidence and an analysis of the evidence.

The structure of the body paragraph goes like this:

  1. Topic sentence that supports the thesis
  2. Evidence or specific information that further explains the topic sentence.
  3. Your personal interpretation of that specific information
  4. Transitions

Do this for all three body paragraphs.

Notice how I presented transitions to the list. Most students naturally transition their paragraphs, but it’s still good to be conscious of it. Transitions are sentences, phrases, or words that allow the reader to easily read one paragraph to another. Transitions make your essay smooth.

An example:

Most people like the color blue because it is peaceful, unlike the color red.

The phrase “unlike the color red” automatically hints the reader that the next paragraph is going to be about the color red, and this makes the essay easy to follow.

Now it is good to add a rebuttal paragraph as your second or third body paragraph when you’re writing an essay on a controversial issue. A rebuttal paragraph is where the writer adds the an opposing argument, and counters it.

For example:

Some say the color blue is not peaceful. They believe it is depressing.

If my thesis is about how the color blue because a peaceful color, then this statement above goes against my thesis. I’ll add it and support it, but then I’ll present a counter argument to make  the paper much stronger. So my rebuttal statement would be:

If blue was a sad color, then it would not be a popular color.


The conclusion is the easiest paragraph to write because you are just restating what you already wrote. Reword all the key elements or topic sentences to refresh the reader’s memory. Then you’ll end the conclusion with some refreshing statement that ties the paper together and leaves the reader with a satisfying experience.

And that is the basic formula. You start with a topic, then you brainstorm to generate a thesis, you draw out at least three body paragraphs from you knowledge and research, finally add a conclusion, and you got yourself an award-winning essay. This is a great start for beginning writers, but there is always more than one way to achieve a goal. If you have a different set of rules up your sleeve, please share your knowledge and add your thoughts to the comments section below.

Good Luck!

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Congratulations to me! I’ve just completed my B.A. in Creative Writing. Now what?

The first ideal step is to get an internship in my field, which includes (but not limited to) journalism, publishing, and entertainment. The next ideal step is to work really hard and hope the company hires me permanently. Sounds like a realistic plan to me. So let me get started! Searching…searching….what!? I have to be enrolled in college?

Okay! Some majors are more marketable than others, but that’s not the reason why I’ve been having trouble. It’s because I was very passive while I was in college. I was one of those fools who decided not to take up an involved internship while in school. Now look at where it got me. I’ve been searching high and low for a good internship with no luck. Most of the internships I’ve encountered require me to be a junior or senior in college. My resume could be an issue too.  It isn’t beefy enough, and employers demand a big steak.

So all you college students out there, learn from my mistakes. Be proactive! Your resume is important, and the best time to build it is NOW. Okay! I’m getting too preachy. Let’s turn the attention back on me.

Even though the search is rough right now, I’m a not quitter. I strive for optimism, so I’ll get that internship. I just need to remain patient and persistent. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on writing and apply for jobs till that time comes.

There’s no where to go but UP from here!

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