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My ultimate New Year’s goal is sail through the days with a clear mind and pure (w)holistic joy. This includes me being a conscious eater, so I am definitely in the kitchen more.

DSC00189Eggplant stir fry with Egyptian tea (licorice root and cinnamon).

DSC00196Miniature eggplant lasagna.

As you can see, eggplant has become my best friend.


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Oh yeah!

I must pat myself on the back and cheer; I’ve been making extreme progress with my day-to-day eating habits. I’ve already mentioned my favorite breakfast dish, but I feel I must share another one of my fabulous dishes I’ve made on my journey of conscious living.

Food truly is art! Every time I complete a dish, I admire its array of bright colors and its diverse range in textures. (Actually, I may need to take pictures of my food projects.) So today I must share a dish I created recently, and I call it “A Taste of Spain by the Sea.” (And yes! I am streaming with fun, wacky labels for everything I do – haha!)

Basically this dish is flavorful fiesta rice topped with crispy fresh salmon. As you can see in the photo above along with the countless recipes online, you can use any method you want to create your own cooking masterpiece. Holding your hand and writing another “Easy Cooking for Dummies” recipe will only rob the fun out of taking scraps and turning them into gold. With that said, my ego wishes to share a little alternative method to generating the rice. It saves a lot of time if you have to throw a party in two hours. (I’ve actually witness these last-minute catastrophes).

First steam a hardy amount of plain white rice with a cube of chicken bouillon in the usual pot. While the rice is thinking, chop up a satisfying amount of tomatoes, onions, and the most loved and equally hated ingredient of all, fresh stinkin’ garlic. It is the link that fills your house with an enticing aroma, which will easily make your neighbors dazzle with envy. Use a second skillet to fry the onions first, then after they loosen up, add the garlic. After the garlic does its job, then throw in the plump, easy-to-please tomatoes. The rice should be done by now. Seriously! The rice should be soft, hot and ready to eat, but you won’t just yet. Toss the rice in the skillet with the bathing vegetables and herbs. Use those muscles and mix it all together really good. Add your favorite seasoning like Thyme, Black Pepper, and Ceyanne, and Ka-BOOM! You have yourself a plate of delicious, Picasso rice. It’s beautiful.

Hahaha — UGH!

Easy, fresh cooking is now a permanent part of my life. We are a very happy couple, but I must add. There is that weak part of me that can’t resist a love affair with the sin of all sins, Reality Television!

I found myself stuck back where I started. I was drawn back into Tyra’s Wicked Reality with ANTM Cycle 18, British Invasion. After the last cycle, I began to roll my eyes at the manipulative plot twist and uncrafty outcomes. I vowed never to watch this dried-out series again because I figured, there is no where to go but back down just like a tidal wave. Tyra is full of surprises! She jumped back into her ridiculous bag of ideas, and pulled out another media whoring tactic. She infused international girls from the English motherland. GENIUS! Not only will she draw in blind pride viewers from American fans, she will also draw in blind pride “Brits” fans. I can not resist, so here are my first impressions of yet another cycle of Tyra’s Reality Volcano.

I will not lie. It’s fascinating to study the manufactured differences between American females and British females. The American team has a fluid nature about them. Not fluid like water, but fluid like fire. (It will make since as I continue).  They take on tasks head first relying on their passion, drive, and determination to achieve ultimate results. They’re more risk takers, and it is apparent when you view them in the side-by-side “Cultural Clash” photo shoot. So some may say the American’s have an advantage because they have this spontaneity about them, but the British will say they are lacking depth.

It is painfully obvious that the British Team have a regal aura about them that is portrayed with striking confidence. If the Americans are fire, the British are definitely earth. They posses a strong mentality and physique, and no matter how many times they get burned, they use their natural appeal to brush themselves off and begin again. A subdued radiance is the British strength, and since they are trained observers, the British will be powerful competition.


Striking Stand Outs!


WHHHY! She has a very striking look from the get-go. And yes, her picture was so-so but it still stood out in my mind compared to the others. She has this powerful mix of edgy vixen yet sweet damsel. I still think she was dynamic, especially paired with her modest yet self-assured personality. Oh well, no use crying over lost earrings.


Okay, so it was between my initial favorite Jasmia and Ashley to pack up and head back to the Queen. Even though I instantly see Jasmia’s potential, I prefer to watch Ms Scottish Ashley. She really is the personality of the show that sparkles amongst the crowd of cardboard cut outs. She is very natural; she’s herself. At first I was worried that she was going to be the longing mother type, but she’s more versatile than that. Sorry, Jasmia! I’m glad Ashley gets a second chance.


This is so obvious. She’s very interesting simply because she is shining with both feminine and masculine beauty. Her androgynous appeal automatically makes her mysterious, although the challenge will be if she can pull off the more sweet and sexy version of herself. Something tells me she is more that meets the eye.


She blended in with the salad, at first. Seriously! I had to look up her name just now. However, I definitely remember how she used her cheer leading talents to take risks and make her photo the most wanted at panel. She definitely deserves to make it on this list. She’s very beautiful and very curvy, which is a nice change up from the usual skinny archetype.

One day I will be done with Bad Television once and for all, but until then, I am tuning into another awfully good show, Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Can you say British invasions?

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