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I’ve been inspired to transfer my critiquing skills into the world of cinema…well kind of. The time has come for me to create my own video reviews.

I already have a You Tube channel. I already have a topic. I already have a script. I just need some good audio equipment.

Okay! May be “decent” is a better word than “good.” I’ve been shopping around lately, and I decided to go the cheap route. I’m going to buy a decent PC headset for my videos, so expect an fun, yet informative video by January 2, 2010.

Update August 2011 –

I already have video reviews of the following stories below. However, let me give you a label for each video.

Informative, Step-by-Step Approach – These videos gives a structure layout of dissecting the story’s layers to draw out the overall meaning.

Gutsy Ranting Reactions – These videos are just my reactions and accusations to certain popular films.

1. Little Red Riding Hood – Informative Style
2. Beauty and the Beast – Ranting Style
3. Shrek 2 part 1  – Ranting Style
4. Shrek 2 part 2  – Ranting Style
5. La Belle et la Beast – Informative Style
6. Morning Musume  – Ranting Style
7. Pinocchio part 1 – Informative Style

Currently, I am working on Part 2 of my Pinocchio project, but a fellow viewer brought something to my attention. She/he asked me why don’t I create my own fairytale. This was an excellent question, so I may postpone the Pinocchio project to generate an original story. I’m excited.


Update January 2012

I’ve added a review of Nightmare Before Christmas, but the audio is shaking. I am now hunting for another PC headset for voice recording.

Now I was debating whether or not to take down the Ranting videos from my Youtube Page, but they do attract a lot of viewers. My hope is that these viewers stick around and give my academic videos a chance. I mentioned above that I was working on part 2 of my Pinocchio analysis. This project has been postpone. It’s just not popular even though it’s my favorite video. Therefore, I am going to work on another analysis of a well known movie.

Have a Happy New Year!!!


Update March 2012

After completing my Cinderella and Peter Pan review, I realized huge changes need to be made to my blog and Youtube channel. I want to focus on creative, spiritual, and physical growth, which means more articles on health and new projects like learning a musical instrument. Also I’ve been in the kitchen more lately, so I think it’s time to share some of my Queen of Quick Eats recipes.

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